Welcome to our Information centre. This is a growing part of our site where we provide links to useful information for patients. From ACC to Plunket there are a number of great quality links. We have also provided links to some good general health information sites both in New Zealand and overseas.

Our information centre also is a great place to down load forms that you will need to fill out to become an enrolled patient at Cromwell Medical Centre. There are also forms that you can fill out for the various health checks that we have available.

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High Use Health Card

The High Use Health Card (HUHC) gives an individual access to a higher government subsidy on visits to the doctor. To be eligible for this card an individual needs to have visited the doctor 12 or more times in one year, with the consultations being related to a particular condition, or condition(s) which are ongoing. This card is not means tested. Your doctor will have a record of your visits, and he or she has to make the application for your HUHC. A HUHC lasts for one year, after which time a new application can be made (if appropriate).

The HUHC gives the same amount of subsidy as the Community Services Card on GP visits and prescription charges. (If you already have a CSC, there is no advantage in having a HUHC because the subsidy is the same.) However, if you already have a HUHC, there is an advantage in also having a CSC, because the CSC gives subsidies to all dependent family members, while the HUHC is only for an individual.

Adults with a HUHC get a subsidy of $19.50 for a visit to a doctor.

For prescriptions, the government prescription charge is reduced (but when the medicines themselves are only partly subsidised there will still be additional charges).

Privacy and your health information

Cromwell Medical Centre follows the rules set out below whenever we collect, use, store or disclose information about your health.

The CarePlus Programme

CarePlus is a programme which aims to support and coordinate the care of people with high health needs.  It is designed for people who will benefit from regular visits with their Doctor or Practice Nurse.  CarePlus is a government initiative to help reduce the costs of visits to your Doctor or Practice Nurse. At present this extra funding enables us to provide four GP visits per year for $25, one visit every 3 months, or to provide extra nurse visits.

Who can register for CarePlus?

To be registered on the CarePlus programme you have to be enrolled with a general practice AND your Doctor or Practice Nurse must think that you will benefit from regular arranged visits.  You must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have two or more chronic conditions
  • Have a terminal illness;
  • Have had two acute hospital admissions for a medical or mental health problem in the last 12 months (this doesn’t include surgery);
  • Have visited your Doctor, the after-hours clinic or the emergency department 6 or more times in the last 12 months;
  • Have a condition which is being monitored for eligibility for elective surgery.

How do I register for CarePlus?

Ask your Doctor or Practice Nurse about it.  As long as you are enrolled with your General practice, and they agree that you meet the criteria, you will be considered for CarePlus.  If your General Practice has space available then all you have to do is agree to be on the programme.

What do I get out of it?

CarePlus is designed to involve you in a planned and proactive approach to your health care. This programme is aimed at keeping you in better control of your health, or keeping you as “well” as possible.  To do this CarePlus involves having regular contact with your Doctor or Practice Nurse to help you manage your health more effectively.

What does CarePlus involve?

To register for the programme you are expected to attend an initial assessment, where you will talk to your Doctor or Practice Nurse about your health.  Your Doctor or Nurse will support you to understand your condition/s and together you will develop a plan for your care.  This may involve setting goals to make changes in your Lifestyle, or other things that you can do, to keep you as well as possible to minimise any complications with your condition.

After this, you will be expected to attend reviews approximately every three months so the Doctor or Practice Nurse can check on your progress.  You can also discuss any concerns you may have about the plan you have developed for your care.

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